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Life is a great experience.
and every moment is equally important.

We can use every experience we live to immerse ourselves in new worlds. Training our view to observe relevant information in our daily lives and transforming them into actions that bring you closer to accomplishment is an interesting way of enjoying the world.

I like to enjoy every meeting, dedicating myself to every moment to be close to people that I admire, following every step, every learning, every victory, enjoying every new encounter. That's what makes life worth living.

I find it curious how much we have to learn. I was surprised by the amount of information that we did not even imagine we were experiencing at certain moments. And so I record and share all my lessos learned in my networks, with my team and with my friends. Life can be a barn of lessons learned, we just need to allow ourselves to look at each moment as a unique opportunity to grow even more.


My main motivation for learning to dive was to be able to break through this underwater world that we don't know about. The certification taught me many things, and the biggest of them was that crisis is just a perception of the absence of tools. If you feel and know you have the tools to deal with the challenges, chances are you will be able to really handle the challenges.

If you believe you don't have the tools (even though you have), it is very easy to drown. Certification exposes you to challenges that could potentially get you in trouble, but it also makes you survive each of them. With this, when the situation occurs, you already know what to do and do not panic. This to me is a lesson I take in everything: the more I expose myself to challenging situations and get out of them, the more empowered I feel to accept even greater challenges.


In early 2014 I took a course on creativity at the Disney Institute. It was a 4 days immersion in Disney culture, including the opportunity to see several live case studies. I loved the course, but something else caught my attention: in the parks, there was a lot of people walking with medals. I discovered that there was the Dunga Challenge: four running events, on consecutive days, totaling 78 KM.

At that moment I decided that I would return to Disney to complete the test. I started to train in April 2015 always with a sense of the importance of having commitment, regularity and focus. One day before the first run, I landed in Orlando and a friend came to pick me up at the airport. When it was time to put the suitcases in the trunk, surprise: one of my best friends was inside the trunk and decided to run with me. In the end, those 4 days were one of the best experiences of my life about friendship and how much it is possible to go beyond boundaries together.


The British consulate has a program where they select leaders from around the world to spend a week in the United Kingdom getting to know several initiatives, from innovation in education to solutions in management of major political challenges. The program is incredible, but what I really loved was getting to know the story of each of the other participants. As some visits were in different cities, we spent a lot of time together moving around, and I policed myself to sit next to each with each new trip.

I made great friendships. One of the people I met came to be a dear friend and mentor. I ended up doing other trips to various countries with her, where we focused on identifying who was actually doing different things in their industry, and visiting these companies. Even from completely different worlds, she from the United Arab Emirates and I from Brazil, we find an immense synergy in the way we learn and in the way we take projects of the paper. As a result, we have taken courses from FazINOVA to the Arab world, and we have given birth to a global partnership to promote protagonism around the world in the most accessible way possible.