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They are FazINOVA, the Enkla Publisher and BeDream platform.

I am passionate about technology and education. Nowadays my businesses focus on learning, more specifically on how to find and learn valuable information, and how to turn it into actions that result in better habits or updating in the face of the changing world.
All companies blend the online and offline world in a collaborative way. By exploring a variety of subjects, creating content and also offering a curation more focused on the human view than on the technical look of learning, we seek to draw people's attention to the transformation of their views and to what they are experiencing.

Our content is translated into easy and simple language, making information sharing as accessible as possible. We transform information into effective actions for the world of each one, with a special look at what really stands and marks what we live and learn. Our companies form an ecosystem that helps people find their best, create good opportunities and live life in an intense and connected way with what they most want to accomplish.

Founded in 2013, FazINOVA is a company with the aim of keeping people up to date in an ever-changing world. We create online and offline content and courses so that people and companies can transform information into action and find solutions to their challenges. There are several programs and free content available on our platform, for the whole world to access, at any time. We democratize the access to knowledge around cultures, new professions and behavioral subjects. We have developed our own methodology in which we accelerate our students in cycles of learning, documentation and sharing, improving them in their behavioral skills. There are more than 200 thousand students around the world, and our platform is available in Portuguese, English and Arabic.

Founded in 2015, Enkla is a multiplatform publisher with books that talk about complex subjects in a simple and accessible way. All books have free versions and special materials for schools, universities and companies. There are 14 publications, of which 5 have become bestsellers. We have content in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Arabic.

BeDream is an open, free platform that connects people who have passed through a certain experience with those who seek mentoring in that experience. Mentors share open learning, thus generating collaborative mentoring. We select themes, and make project calls.