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In which networks will we meet?

Much of what I enjoy sharing on networks is connected to my interest in identifying changes happening in the world, at an ever-increasing rate. Learning and applying all this learning is something that I constantly carry out within my communication.
A striking memory of the new ways in which people are relating to the online world was my first book. Initially, I wanted to share my experience in Silicon Valley with my family and friends, in the most practical and quick way I could experiencing a different project that I had not yet accomplished.

To my surprise, the book had more than 3 million downloads and I had the opportunity to witness a movement of sharing and access to information that instigated me to learn more about all of this. Since then, I have used several networks to share my content and interact with the many people who follows my work and who contribute more and more to the evolution of the various projects we have built together.

On YouTube, I keep the Bel's little notebook channel. Have you ever stopped to think about how one becomes an actress, a voice actor, or a magician?
I'm a big fan of learning. Learn from tests, experiences, observations, and especially with people. Constantly in conversations and encounters, I find myself asking endless questions to understand, deconstruct, and unravel the trajectory of those with whom I interact.

To simplify and share, more than questions and answers, I wanted to do something that would bring people's experiences where everyone could learn. From there was born a new YouTube series: De Ponta Cabeça. We learned a lot during the process and discovered what everyone has in common: they found in their professions a way to change people's lives and leave their legacy.

Follow this series and discover everything about career, challenges, learning, mistakes and beginnings. Access and watch now on the Caderninho da Bel YouTube channel ( De Ponta Cabeça - interviews with relevant content.

Bel's Podcast

Have you heard of podcast?

If you do not know, the podcast is a new version of the radio! Audio-only content, but you listen to it whenever you want, and receive the new episodes automatically. I have a podcast called Bel's Podcast. In it I share excerpts from my books, reflections, interviews and some learning.

Some cell phones already have their own podcasts app. If you have an iPhone, just go to the Podcasts app and search for Podcast da Bel. For those who use Android, many people use the Podcast Addict app, which you can download for free in the Play Store. You can also follow and download the episodes through the website


Follow on Instagram

Through Instagram and Snapchat, you can follow my day to day, from meetings with inspiring people to what happens inside my companies

Whenever possible, I compromise to celebrate the arrival of a new day with my followers through lives on Instagram and Facebook. I simplify and share some content that I have seen recently in the format of Top 10 learnings that that content brought me. I make a section called #BelReage, where I taste some food or drink for the first time. I'm sending a #go to brands, products or experiences that I admire and share curiosities like words that only exist in certain languages. Together, we count down to midnight, the beginning of a new day, and we celebrate with an indication of a song, and the sharing of moments of gratitude of the day. To close, we have a #BelResponde moment and also a moment to help, where I answer questions and offer my feedback to projects.

HAPPY NEW DAY is an opportunity to help people see life the way I see it: colorful. Taking advantage of and not hierarchizing each moment, and being grateful for a new day. I can interact with my audience, and convey my message along with content and motivation.

Being on various social networks is a way of sharing my content with people while trying to understand how to do it in the best possible way, using the best of each one.