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I am addicted to learning, and I constantly share what I learn in a simplified way.

I realized that rescuing the most remarkable memories of childhood can explain a lot about us. Mine were card albums, video games and toy jewelry. The curiosity to understand how not to waste time when gluing the cards led me to enjoy dealing with numbers very early. The intense will to draw a game of video game led me to sketching thousands of ideas. To venture to assemble jewelry and sell them in several bazaars still very small sharpened my quest to create.

All my curiosity, willingness and dedication led me to open doors, to get a scholarship, to evolve quickly in school, and each new conquest made me want to work even harder. In 2006, I joined MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), graduating with Majors in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECC). Until my graduation, in 2010, I took every opportunity to take classes in different subjects, in addition to internships in various companies. After college, I moved to Silicon Valley, which opened my eyes to a unique way of developing projects.

Many people know my story from 2013, when I returned to Brazil after writing "The Brazilian Girl from Sillicon Valley", a book that had millions of downloads on the internet. This was the initiative that instigated me to focus on education. I wrote three more titles related to leadership, entrepreneurship and behavior, with free and online versions. Other people knew me because of my business initiatives, currently they are: FazINOVA, Enkla Publisher and BeDream platform.

Learning, simplifying and sharing are my 3 pillars.

1) I learn: I am extremely curious and passionate about learning new things. I learned a lot at MIT, where I graduated in 2010. I learned at the companies that I interned and worked for, and also at the ones I founded. I learn a lot from other people, cultures and courses. I like to live new challenges and experiences, and even to perform tests and experiments on myself. I learn from changes and even from disruptions. I embrace the new knowing how much it can teach me.

In recent years, I have had the pleasure of meeting several people from various profiles, places, ages, specialties and skills. All the connections that we have in life arise because of the paths we travel and encounters that we carry out. That is why I am so open to face challenges in the most different directions, and always learn from them.

Every connection is,
for me, something very special and unique.

Each meeting is equally inspiring. Each person is unique with their life trajectory, their knowledge and areas of interest.

2) I simplify: I realized the importance of communication early in my career. I developed mechanisms and methodologies with the aim of simplifying complex subjects and democratizing access to information. I transform movies, courses and experiences into a Top lessons learned list. I also bring this competence to my companies. At FazINOVA, we have several courses available free of charge, broadening knowledge about cultures, new professions and behavioral themes. At Enkla, a publisher, we have several publications and titles with simple and easy-to-access language, including my 4 bestsellers.

3) I share: Since I wrote my first book, The Brazilian Girl from Sillicon Valley, my intention was to share some of my lessons learned and experiences. Realizing how much sharing can impact the lives of the people who accompany my work has led me from just a computer scientist, to also a great communicator, in a constant sharing of what I do, live and learn.

I have as my greatest goal in life to help a billion people take more steps toward their dreams. I get involved in a real positive transformation of the public with which I communicate and of the companies with which I collaborate. More than an influencer, I am a transformation agent, leading and amplifying relevant messages through these three pillars for which I live my life: learning, simplifying and sharing.